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TALIS is the largest supplier of valve technology and first choice when it comes down to water valves and services for the whole water cycle

TALIS product catalogue

TALIS Full Product Catalogue

TALIS has released its biggest ever catalogue to provide the water industry with in-depth information on its entire range of products.

Split into 11 product sections, the catalogue categorises each fitting based on its functionality. The product sections include smart solutions, isolation valves, control valves, network protection products, hydrants, connection and repair fittings, house connection products, irrigation fittings, sewage solutions, desalination solutions and fire protection products.

The catalogue provides detailed product information, as well as data on key features and benefits for each product. Alongside this, it also gives a thorough step-by-step guide to advise industry professionals on choosing the best solution for a job.

TALIS Pricelist

This gigantic Pricelist gives a great overview of the various products and some of their respective options available in the large portfolio of TALIS. The pricelist is divided in nine main groups, which include our smart solutions, isolation valves, control valves, network protection, hydrants, connection & repair, house connections, irrigation and sewage solutions. Furthermore, it gives some additional product information, including key features and benefits.

Please note that our gross pricelist focusses mainly on our standard product range. In case you would require other product options like for example larger diameters or greater nominal pressures, or other materials like coatings or body materials please contact our sales team.

Valves Catalogue


The handy Valve Catalogue is split into five sections to showcase the different types of valves available, the catalogue features a wide selection of butterfly and gate valves, non return valves, control valves and miscellaneous ones.

For each valve on offer, the catalogue provides detailed product information, as well as data on the valveā€™s key features and benefits. It also clearly lists the advantages of each valve so that customers can determine whether it would be suitable for their particular needs and how it will benefit certain jobs.

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