About Us

TALIS BENELUX distributes and sells a comprehensive variety of valves and water fittings manufactured by the various TALIS entities onto the Benelux market. Furthermore TALIS BENELUX is the home of the UNIJOINT RANGE, a world-renowned range of Dismantling Joints, Mechanical Couplings, Flange Adaptors and Articulation Joints manufactured in our plant in The Netherlands.

Manufacturing Excellence

Our manufacturing Centre of Excellence, TALIS BENELUX based in Beringe, The Netherlands is ISO9001:2015 accredited. Products are designed and manufactured conform all relevant industry standards. We operate in a culture of lean manufacturing, controlled by a rigorous quality system to provide efficient and cost effective production to ensure our customers get the highest quality of product and service that is competitively priced. Our UNIJOINT RANGE is manufactured in accordance to AWWA C219. Additionally to this standard, TALIS BENELUX is certified for welding according to US and European standards. Hydrostatic testing and coating related testing as thickness adhesion testing can also be carried out in house.


TALIS BENELUX services their customers via a high quality distribution network of wholesalers. Large scale projects and the local tender markets are serviced by our professional  team of experts located at our headoffice in Beringe, The Netherlands. Via this business set-up all parties, from small entrepreneurs to major water companies are served without causing business interference. The world market is served through the Talis global sales offices.


Preserving the environment is an increasingly important element in our decision making at TALIS BENELUX. We strive to minimise packaging and are making significant steps to improve recycling and reduce waste throughout our operations. TALIS BENELUX is currently in the process of obtaining the accreditation of the CSR-performance ladder level 3.

Address Details


Ewinkel 14 Unit 8
5431 ND Cuijk
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)77 307 8200
Fax: +31 (0)77 307 8180 

Email: talisbenelux@remove-this.talis-group.com



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