For challenging pipe-connections.

UNIJOINT offers a comprehensive range of dismantling joints, mechanical couplings, flange adaptors and articulation joints ranging from DN50 to DN3000 and beyond. The UNIJOINT product range is manufactured and designed in our own TALIS manufacturing plant by a team of highly dedicated and skilled professionals.  All product materials are carefully selected to ensure consistent, high quality products. We are constantly striving to improve designs and constructions to meet and exceed industry standards. All steel tubular product-components are expanded evenly outward by special developed expanders, which guarantees an absolutely “round” product with minimum tolerances to satisfy hydrostatic pressure testing according to AWWA C219.  

Besides the standard product range, UNIJOINT products can be tailored to customer needs e.g. with specific face-to-face lengths, greater adjustability, special materials or alternative coatings. The products can be engineered to meet working pressures of 100 bar and beyond and to diameters of DN3000 or greater. UNIJOINT is also able to offer project management and reporting, dedicated testing such as hydrostatic pressure testing or weld inspections, documentation such as test reports, material certificates, bespoke drawings or technical reports, as well as third party inspections.

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The Netherlands

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